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Before deciding to work with me, I encourage you to read/view the videos and written testimonials below of clients who I worked with in both in my private practice, in my EAP Counselling for Acacia Connection, Converge International, Eudoxia and Drake Workwise, and in my work for some of the world’s greatest business coaching/mentoring companies.

Here's what others are saying ...

Thanks Marc. Our chat was one of the best EAP sessions ever! Very happy client!

EAP Counselling client, QLD, Australia

I’d been in and out of counselling for decades, including online organisations as time went on (all undertaken of my own volition) for depression and thoughts of death/suicide that I’d been suffering since I was a child. Back in the day, there was no name for it, nor was there any help. It was ‘toughen up’, ‘don’t be so sensitive’, and so on. I was raised to believe I was broken, and life was constantly difficult. I’d all but given up on counselling. I was raised to believe I was broken. And despite my accomplishments—and some were impressive—I believed it. In my mid-fifties, I became seriously suicidal. The thoughts of how, when, preparing for my death, consumed me, all day, every day. For some reason, maybe just some last lingering spark of hope, I don’t know, I told my sister I was suicidal. I was. Seriously. She mentioned a counsellor to me, knowing that I’d had no success in over thirty years going down this path. But for some reason, I said yes. But in my mind, I knew if this didn’t work, I’d be dead before the week was out. I was very calm, certain and pragmatic about ending my life. I had come to terms with it. It was going to happen. My sister booked me in to see Marc de Bruin. I agreed, but I knew, in my heart, my mind, that this was the last shot.

I was expecting nothing. But something happened. I’m not sure what, but even at that first session, I walked in preparing to take my life, and I walked out feeling that I wanted to take my life back. I was an academic myself, and familiar with a lot of healing modalities, especially linguistics and energy healing, but the way Marc combined these modalities, plus plenty of his own, I lost track of what I was looking to do, and became absorbed in the session. There was crying. Lots. But as each moment went on, I felt the heavy darkness lift, bit by bit. The longer the session, the more it lifted. I felt lighter, I smiled for the first time that I can honestly remember, and I felt I had direction, for the first time in more years I can remember. Each session just added to the previous one. I easily decided to just hand myself over to what Marc was doing, instead of analysing and overthinking it to death. I just gave myself in to the sessions. And each time, I felt better. I was also able to take away important messages, not so much a ‘to do’ list (oh my God! Not another one of those!), but simple things that resonated with me profoundly. Whenever I started to feel inadequate, call it what you will, I thought of Marc, and I could free myself again. From someone who’d been counselled so much that I began to know more than the counsellor, this was amazing. After all my years ‘being counselled’, I knew what I was talking about. This was something different. It was different because it was working, it was helping, it was changing me.

Marc was immediately likeable, and I liked that! He listened, really listened, but never had that serious ‘boy are you broken and how am I going to fix you’ look on his face, which was so refreshing. He shared a bit about himself as appropriate, which made me feel like I wasn’t the only person in the world who wasn’t ‘human’, or the old ‘I’ll ask the questions here’ and you never know a thing about this other person who is supposedly going to ‘fix’ you. His sharing opened up a conversation, a dialogue, between us, and I trusted him immediately. He was a kind, empathetic, one-human-to-another type of person, and he really knew what he was doing. I could tell that Marc wasn’t only coming from his head, but from his heart as well. I could feel it in the room. I knew it was genuine.

I can honestly say that if you think you’ve run out of options, please try Marc. Life can be turned around.

Belinda Burman 


Buderim, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Hi Marc, just letting you know I'm doing Mindfulness Champion training for my school. It's helped me realise the profound difference I now have with my relationship to stress, feelings and thoughts.

So thank you, mindfulness has become an everyday practice and made all the difference.

A. W., school teacher, VIC Australia

Marc I am still very grateful for the skills you taught me. I still meditate twice every day. Only miss it now and then. There was a time when I got complacent and thought this is too easy. Did not fully apply my attention and the irritability crept back. But I applied more discipline again. I am back in the groove now and doing well.

I continue to write down all my ideas and approaches as I learn more about myself and the techniques. I googled affirmations and am making a list of affirmations that has meaning to me.

I am making great progress in checking on myself during the day at work. Between tasks I check on myself and apply deep breathing whenever necessary. I am working on being more kind and compassionate, especially with people that I do not get along with. It is a slower process. I work on it in general, but also try to apply it to specific relationships.

I have made a lot of progress, but it is a slow process and likely the task will never really stop. But I am committed.

D. S., medical doctor, QLD, Australia

Thank you for challenging and expanding my mind beyond what I ever deemed possible. Tthank you for being forgiving and persistent, supportive, putting up with me and becoming the greatest teacher, role model, and blessing of a human being. With personal and professional growth and awareness, I will endeavour to work on and reflect your example ...... to the best of my ability. Thank you.

Eden J., QLD, Australia


So many new things are opening up. Reflecting on how grateful I am to have met you!! Have installed the project board up on my wall — wow, how have I spent so much of my life without incorporating this into my process. This exercise is fantastic and really a lot of fun!! Have new work and opportunities flying out of nowhere — I’m literally observing my brain re-wiring.

Thank you a million!!

Best of Everything.

L. P., makeup artist and hair stylist, New York, USA

Thank you Marc,

It's been so helpful & feeling & knowing where to go from here. Sometimes it's not the light at the end of the tunnel. It's the tunnel I couldn't see.

Thank you again.

E. T., EAP client, NSW Australia

I wanted to pass on outstanding feedback regarding Marc’s support to me the past month. I have been going through a very challenging time and his knowledge, support and advice has been unbelievable. I am a 15 year + public servant, first time EAP user and I will be highly recommending him and this EAP service to any staff members in need into the future.

M. T., EAP client, Canberra ACT

I availed myself of EAP when a situation at work challenged my values.  This was an incredibly stressful time and I was encouraged to talk to someone who could assist.  Marc de Bruin was assigned to me and from the moment we started speaking and I shared my concerns, I felt that I had made the right decision.  Marc listened, asked me questions, offered some options and scenarios that enabled me to reframe the situation and to try and see it through another lens.  He also challenged me to ask the right questions rather than those that would keep me in a helpless frame of mind.

Marc suggested some books to read which he knew would be helpful and also guided me through some stress relieving exercises.

From that first session I knew I had a trusted adviser and someone who wouldn’t just soothe my shattered view of myself and my values with sympathetic words... but would help me rebuild my confidence and not let one person’s actions define who I was.

Marc is a true professional who strikes the perfect balance between listening and assisting,  which enabled me to find my own answers on occasion and to utilise some of the exercises he offered including trying a new way of thinking.

I would actively encourage anyone who was in a similar position and needed some assistance,  to contact Marc because from the first moment of contact with him, you will already be on a journey of healing and recovery.

Deanna Lane



Marc has been a much needed sounding board for me in the last 6 months. Through this time his active listening and insightful questions have gently forced me to question my fallacies in thinking. Unlike my previous psychologists (both male and female) I found Marc's direct style of questioning refreshing.  It helps in keeping things on track when someone who respects your perspective also gently asks you to clarify and simplify often overwhelming emotions and thought patterns. I have no qualms in referring Marc to friends, family and acquaintances. Thanks Marc for all your help!

Female GP, Queensland Australia

I have been speaking to Marc for approx. 6+ months now on a few different issues. I originally spoke with Marc re coping with my son’s (24 years old) drug and alcohol abuse and the disastrous and debilitating effect it was having on me. I had no idea on how to cope with the situation as my son had always been easy to get along with all through his life until he was 18.5 years old. Over the course of our appointments Marc was able set me up with all sorts of ways to cope with my son’s addictions and destructive behaviour – towards himself and to me. He was very helpful and easy to chat with and helped me to realise that it wasn’t all my fault. He has subsequently assisted me with ways to cope with my Dad’s (90 yrs old) bad behaviour towards me (diagnosed PTSD, narcissist and on the autism spectrum). He has definitely equipped we with ways of dealing with my Dad’s increasingly challenging and aggressive behaviour.

When I first approached the EAP I didn’t wish to speak with a male counsellor. The receptionist allayed my fears and said that from what she had been told by other people, Marc was a great Counsellor. So I thought I would have a chat and if we didn’t click and I didn’t trust him – then I would go and speak with someone else. As luck would have it – he actually IS an amazing counsellor and I am glad that I was introduced to him. He has changed my life for the better.

J. G., female client, Canberra ACT.

Hi Marc,

I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given me throughout this very difficult period in my life.

Your professional, calm, non-judgmental and insightful approach has helped me to understand my condition, and has taught me how to be mindful of the symptoms of my condition. Your methods (and wise words) have often helped me to process and deal with my condition, and when I am struggling, the coping mechanisms you have taught me have helped me to find 'calm' in what has been a very unsettled time for me.

I appreciate your demeanor and for not making me feel any more vulnerable than my condition already makes me feel. I thank you for not judging me, and for your constant reassurance that I can get through this.

I have also appreciated your honesty; and for sharing your own experiences with me in an effort to relate to me and reassure me that, at times, how I am feeling is 'normal'.

Thank you once again for your support and help. I would recommend your services to anyone who is seeking some light in their dark times.

J. S., female client, Townsville QLD.

Nikki Rudge, NSW, Australia

"Thank you for your continued support and wonderful work with clientsIt has been truly wonderful having you on board the team and we look forward to continuing our great relationship."

EAP Provider Business, Brisbane, Australia

"Just to let you know, the meeting was very successful and I was able to convey my position and feelings. They were so satisfied that there is no further course of action. Thanks for your time last night; it really gave me confidence and I thought back to some of your tips throughout the meeting.

I felt more confident having run through things with you and visualised a positive experience and walking away successful.

It worked! Eternally grateful.


EAP Client via email feedback, anonymous, Australia

"Thanks again for another PROLIFIC and substantial session. I feel fortunate to have you as a valuable go-to resource as I travel through my personal & collective journey of LOVE-LIGHT-LIFE. Until the next time!".

L.P., Counselling client, Sydney, Australia

"You were and still are one of the smartest and unique people I've ever encountered in my search. I'm glad you're doing what you do. I can only imagine how many lives you've helped turn around. You were a pleasure to talk with".

K.J, Coaching client, FB feedback, United States of America

"Marc was amazing. He was sensitive, intuitively worked with me in identifying how my thought patterns were impacting my happiness and created simple and effective strategies for me to work with. He also provided support and encouragement via text when I needed it."

EAP Client via email feedback, anonymous, Australia

"Hi Marc, you helped me when I was having an anxiety attack over the phone a couple weeks ago and it was honestly one of the most helpful sessions I’ve ever had - thank you"

EAP Client via text message, anonymous, NSW Australia

"While I'm reflecting on my journey thus far and acknowledging some of the amazing people who have contributed to me, I'd like to make special mention of Marc de Bruin.

I reached out to Marc some time ago, desperately feeling overwhelmed by life, unable to move past perceived procrastination and feeling paralised and unable to move past a mind full of worry and stress.

I spent some time with Marc learning mindfulness practices and understanding how our brains work from a neurological sense. Firstly, I became aware that there was nothing 'wrong' with me. I wasn't 'lazy' or 'broken', I'd simply put some coping mechanisms in place of the years that had carved out some neurological pathways that were no longer serving me.

After just a few weeks of mindfulness training, change began to show up! I was being more productive and focused and more importantly more present in my life.

I am now have a deeper understanding and awareness of the value of mindfulness. I've started doing Yoga and practicing being still. And of course, regular Access Bars sessions!

I am feeling very blessed today for the calibre of people I have in my life and for the commitment I have to myself to ensure that I continue to strive for the best version of me, every day.

Thank you Marc for your patience and understanding!

In Gratitude "

Nicole Taryn, Buderim, Queensland Australia

Ernest Thornicroft

"My name is Ernest Thornicroft. I am a consultant and coach specializing primarily in financial systems, process development and improvement. My primary goal through providing coaching and consulting is to help businesses operate more strategically by streamlining their objectives, systems and processes. When I first engaged Marc as a coach my direction was unclear. Marc’s challenges as my coach were exacerbated even further as I had been undergoing a major transformation in my career and life at the time of engagement. Frankly, I was frustrated with corporate life, stuck and lacked clarity and purpose regarding my vision, priorities and where best to position myself as an ‘in-demand expert’ in the market place. From the start Marc has been very supportive. I am honored to call him my coach - a professional, approachable, a great listener, trusted advisor and of course a confidential friend.

Essentially, Marc ‘gets it’. He has an uncanny ability to help you quickly gain clarity no matter what obstacles or limiting beliefs you may be experiencing. Honestly, I was skeptical about the whole coaching idea in the first place but since engaging Marc he has helped develop my ‘mindset’. You see, for over 30 years I had always served ‘rambunctious bosses’ and now suddenly I was my facing the prospect of becoming my own boss. So, the fact of the matter is Marc has greatly helped transform and increase my self-belief to the point that I can become a dominant expert in any area of my choosing. In short, Marc has my highest recommendation as a trusted advisor, coach and mentor. He is authentic, honest and will help you find answers even in the ‘murkiest of waters’. Be patient and be open to his approach and you too will find success or as I Anthony Robbins would say ‘find the power within’. Many thanks. "

Ernest Thornicroft, Lexington Massachusetts, United States

Leland Taylor, California, United States

"Marc, I found working with you to be both delightful and efficient. I love your fertile mind that spills out endless suggestions with eloquence and ease. I also appreciate your big heart demonstrating a real caring for my success. You have been able to encourage me to continue toward my goal when I was stuck in self-doubt and fear of success. You corrected me when I got lost in details, and guided me to see the big picture and gave me valuable information on how to study the market, and to trust myself.
I appreciate both your big heart and your fertile mind rich with knowledge that helped me move forward with my project, the Superhighway to Passion System. Because of your help, I succeeded in raising the price of my coaching, and I am well on my way to completing my system to debut this spring.
I’m really grateful for your guidance."

Carla Tara, Hawaii, United States

Maria Serbina, Utah, USA

"Hi: My name is George Porter. I’m a real estate agent in Canada and have been for more than 30 years. I’ve been through collapsed markets, runaway markets and every possible combination there may be in the last 30 years and have learned to survive and thrive through all markets
I still love the industry. I have plenty of energy and I don’t want to retire but I do want to retire from active selling. What I really want to do is make up a course to train real estate agents who, in today’s market, have a difficult time because of a soft market. So, the question is “HOW DO I GO ABOUT BOTH BUILDING AND MARKETING A COURSE TO REAL ESTATE AGENTS”?
I found that “knowing how to handle selling in a difficult market” and “preparing and marketing a course about knowing how to handle selling in a difficult market” are totally different things. I was very lost and didn’t really know where to turn for coaching or guidance.
I was referred to Marc De Bruin as the right man for the job. I was a bit skeptical, not about Marc but I thought that he, being in Australia, and I, being in Canada, would be a problem. Absolutely not! The distance and location in today’s world means virtually nothing at all.
Marc was quick to pick up on what I want to do and he was quick to see where my problems were. He had great solutions for everything I threw at him and was always right on the mark with his suggestions.
He also seemed to know how much to give me to handle every time we spoke. I wasn’t so loaded with work that I couldn’t handle it but I had enough to get to the next learning block. I looked forward to every one of our weekly calls. "

George Porter, British Columbia, Canada

"You are a gift at the perfect timing for me. Thank you for the connecting, wisdom and of course fun. It helped me to remember what I knew and needed reminding. Hence why I like a monthly coaching session to keep me focused. This week I will be setting things in action – well yesterday it already did after you – got two bookings for ‘main stream’ clientele, got ‘me’ time tomorrow as I am staying in Brisbane after the graduation, a joint venture was asked of me, I prioritised …. So already actioned that list. This is so much fun! As for filming my material and presentations – guess what? It is happening, too. I visualised it whilst I was driving that I did not have to pay and I got a call saying someone will do it for me. Love it! I am even excited writing this. Is that a NF Dolphin? (Can't remember what that is....). Have a fabulous week knowing you have inspired many including me. Thank you from my heart. "

Jean Sheehan, Tewantin, Queensland Australia

Max Brown, Remuera, New Zealand

Scot Conway, Spring Valley, CA, United States

Shawn M. Miller, Holland, MI, United States

"After retiring, my wife and I became involved in the business of internet marketing. We spent a fortune on various courses, many of which were a waste of money, but became successful and made ourselves a considerable amount of money before deciding we would like to teach others of our own age. That’s where we hit problems – lots of them, because the concepts that worked previously didn’t apply as well to our newly chosen market. Marc was recommended to us by a past client of his and we made contact – and that was exactly when things started to go right. To be honest, we had reached a point of overwhelm and didn’t quite know what to do next, but Marc showed an uncanny knack of sorting out the tangle we were in and he did it so easily that he inspired us instantly. Once he had led us out of the mess, he helped us look at our issues in a completely different way and in doing so, we soon started to move forward once again. We now see light at the end of the tunnel, with Marc’s guidance we have clear plans to follow and we are heading for success for certain – and I can say with hand on heart that we just couldn’t have done that without Marc’s help. If you’re facing seemingly insurmountable business and marketing problems, can’t see your way forward or feel you want to move forward more quickly – then Marc is the man to consult. I can give no higher praise than recommend him from personal experience, and it goes without saying that he is the man we will ask for guidance in the future. "

Barbara & David Fyles, Crewe, United Kingdom

Barbara Robins, United States

"It has been a sheer pleasure working with Marc de Bruin. I've worked with several high-calibre coaches in the past and Marc is definitely one who has mastered his craft. His keen mind, his expert listening ear, and his ability to enable breakthroughs is impressive. I have been working with him for over four months and have benefited immensely. I specifically value his contribution in recognizing and valuing the 'Law of Contrast' events that have arisen. His gentle yet challenging questions have facilitated some significant and positive shifts in my perspectives. His deep understanding of the value of tapping into the momentum of downstream flow activity is also greatly appreciated. His facilitation has led to several breakthroughs. Anyone who is ready and has the courage to embrace transformative change in business would be wise to work with Marc de Bruin. I offer my highest recommendation"

Janet Bruno, Arizona, United States

Dr. Stephen Simpson, The Golf Doctor

"I presented to a group of 6 local business owners this evening and got two appointments set-up for initial consults. I did NOT use powerpoint or any electronics at all. I simply handed out my one-sheet diagram with the trees on it and walked them through proper framing... putting things in proper context. I even used some of your word patterns like picture this and imagine if. Two out of six is a great closing ratio. I will likely get two of the others who also expressed interest.WOOHOO! Things are heating up. I'm totally stoked. I hung around after the meeting to discuss how things went with the event organizer and her husband. He said that he was skeptical when his wife first came home and told him about what I was offering but when I sent him a personalized video that explained things in more detail with proper framing and context... using the diagrams... he totally understood the value of the offer and was very excited to get started. He's the one who wrote me the deposit check to get started. Words can't express the deep gratitude I have for your guidance in transforming my business, my success and my life. Thank you. "

Brian Duvall, Callaway VA, United States

"I recently had sessions with Marc as I was not getting the results I wanted in my network marketing business. I was afraid to talk to people which was really frustrating as I wanted to have great success. The session started and towards the end Marc told me he was going to retrain my brain! I was immediately skeptical and asked him "how are you going to do that?" He began his Neuro Linguistic Programming intervention and upon completion my eyes were quite tired and I felt a little drained. A few days later I needed to step up and speak in front of 8 people which I had not done before as nerves got the better of me. I felt calm and relaxed before starting and spoke with confidence. I have done a number of presentations since and have felt very calm before hand and during which has been amazing. I would recommend NLP to everyone. "

Sharon Neish, Kuluin, Australia

"Our company wanted to run a high end group coaching self-leadership program. I wanted to figure out how to get people enrolled into such a program without a hard sell, but because they understood their needs, what they were missing in their life, and wanted to position myself as the expert with the answers to solve their issues. We have implemented the educational approach for two of our signature programs recently. Initial feedback has been very good – people indicating that the information is very helpful and useful – and making them want to sign up! It is also a great value add to be sharing some of our “secret sauce” upfront with clients – it is already helping build trust. It is because of the educational approach that Awakened, LLC and Marc de Bruin as my mentor offers that I now have the two best self-leadership program in North America, and one company growth program – see And I am now very confident in the value we provide, hence am able to command a premium price for the outstanding value we offer. Marc is an excellent coach. He listens carefully, probes hard, suggests alternatives, and holds me accountable to doing what I said I would. He also goes the extra mile to make concrete suggestions that I can build on, to provide me with a thinking template, and even to actually review some portions of my work. He constantly challenges me to go far beyond what I thought was possible. If you’d like business success, I can’t think of a better personal coach to recommend than Marc."

Karim Ismail, Toronto, Canada

"I am in the business helping traders achieve their dreams. In a profession where over 90% fail, I am an expert in my own field. But when I decided to run the education as a business rather than a hobby, I found I needed to sharpen my selling skills. To that aim, I tool Glenn Dietzel's 'sell high priced programs' in February 2011, and was appointed Marc de Bruin as my mentor. Marc showed great patience in teaching a newbie how to take my first steps towards to my selling goals. In particular, he taught me how to tell my story and create a viable USP. Throughout the five months I was with Marc, I always found him accommodating, patient, and a font of expertise and wisdom. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking to improve his selling skills."

Ray Barros, Hong Kong

Glenn Dietzel, Profit Creation Expert, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Hamish McMichael, Body Coach, Maroochydore QLD Australia

"I recently engaged the services of Marc De Bruin to help me with the coaching of one of my staff. I was having difficulty relating to and getting results from one of my team and had come to a dead end. After initial discussions with Marc I felt confident that with his experience and expertise, he could work with both of us to bridge our differences and address the business’ concerns. I was pleasantly surprised by his ability to set the initial goals, define the objectives and work towards the final outcome of our problems. Marc has the ability and flexibility to discuss all areas of business and personal issues in a respectful and educated manner. Specifically, I noticed a change in the level of understanding and motivation that occurred with my staff member and as a consequence the improvement in the business. I also learnt a lot about myself and my communication with my staff. The knowledge that he imparted has added a great deal of value to our business as a whole. I am extremely happy with the result and would have saved a lot of time and money had I found him earlier. I would not hesitate to recommend Marc to any business and will engage his services in the future."

Kylie Mannix Store Manager,The Natural Foodstore, Forest Glen, Queensland

"I had always felt that I was chasing elusive success, other people got 'there', so why not me? Having been a very heavy smoker, when I finally stopped I found I had massive amounts of energy that I initially went to Marc to help me channel these into positive outcomes. What I discovered after speaking with Marc was that I had so many negative thought processes, particularly around 'success', but also around other aspects of my life that I wasn't too happy about.....and that I was actually getting exactly what I was asking for! Life was ok, but I was never satisfied and never felt like I was really good basically felt too hard most of the time. Now after a few months of regular work with Marc, life is awesome, and I don't mean that in a "rah rah" motivational course way but a 'I feel really good about myself and my life' way. I have completely changed my view of success and find successes in my life every day, even on the hardest ones! I spend wonderful time with my wife and kids and my business is growing at a fantastic rate. I now take responsibility for my life and Marc has taught me amazing, yet incredibly simple tools to ensure that I create the outcome that satisfies me! I am even back in the water and surfing every day. I have done my fair share of personal growth courses and this is nothing like that! Marc has a caring and no-nonsense approach and asks the right questions to get us moving. I would recommend Marc to anyone who feels they have a block in life that they can't seem to get through. Plenty of my friends have asked what the #*&$ has happened to you.....and I tell 'em: Marc de Bruin. I get a shiver up my spine and tears in my eyes sometimes when I think about how much easier life is now. Thank you mate, for giving me the tools to get back my spark! "

Rod White The Event Truck Co Pty Ltd, Coolum QLD Australia

"Marc came into my life as a life coach at a very critical junction in my life. It wasn’t quite as obvious when we first started working together what was about to unfold but as the weeks went on I very much required a supportive assistant and Marc was that for me. In the midst of my turmoil Marc consistently brought me back to centre and helped me focus on my goals and what was most important to me for my present and future. When crunch time came Marc was right there to make sure I didn’t give up on myself and to support me. Fortunately (for me) he is very focused and was able to guide me with confidence. I am truly grateful for Marc’s skills as a coach and his special kind of assistance. He is truly worth his weight in gold. I know that Marc has gone to continue his training and that he will be more sensational for it. As a professional I was impressed knowing that Marc was committed to his own professional growth in order to assist his clients with even greater depth and confidence. I would recommend Marc to anyone who needs a firm and consistent coach to keep them on track to success. Marc is fabulous! "

Tiffany Baxter, Counsellor & Health Practitioner

"My mum was the one who first suggested that I have some life coaching sessions. At the time I was a quite unsure of the benefits that a life coach could provide me, but after a few sessions with Marc it was certain that I had begun the journey towards achieving my goals. I’ve always had a big goal in the back of mind that I have wanted to achieve before I started coaching with Marc. The picture of me reaching this goal however was blurry, undefined and I often questioned my ability of actually achieving it. Marc helped me break down my goal into realistic chunks that I have no doubt I can pull off.Now that I have finished the life coaching program I have a much clearer goal and a more defined path, I know that where I’m heading is where I want to be. I am now traveling to the United States to study and play basketball for one semester at the State University of New York in Cortland. I would recommend Marc to everyone, even if you think are you living your dreams, Marc will help you to get more out of your life. "

B.T., Marcus Beach, Queensland Australia

"The reason why I decided to get coaching by Marc was because I felt insecure and I wanted to do something about it. After I had given birth to my beautiful daughter I looked back and saw just negatives things about the past. I couldn’t change my negative self-belief and wanting to do that was the most important reason for me sign up. So in june this year I started the “journey” with Marc. So far it has given me the strength to go on, and I learned that only my mindis playing tricks on me, not life itself. If you want to change your life, you CAN do it, that’s the very clear message Marc has taught me. But you’ll have to work on it EVERY DAY! It’s just like breathing in the end, when it comes naturally your life will look beautiful and you can handle any situation, even when you think you can’t. By giving yourself rewards for your actions you get more confidence in the things you do. Marc is a good coach, he knows what and where my weaknesses are and so he always knows how to get me “positive” again by asking questions, making me take action, etc. Now I look totally different at the world, I’ve let go of more than I did 6 months ago. I’m still learning and try to take and make more time for myself and my family. Marc is a great help in me achieving this for myself!"

N.L., personnel officer, Arnhem, The Netherlands

"It was during a very difficult time in my marriage that I was faced with a major decision: do I continue living with my abusive husband, or do I find the inner resources required to overcome the hurdles to leave? Through some aimless searching on the internet I discovered Marc's website and was immediately drawn to his clear and precise style of communication. And so began my journey of growth and empowerment so I could take the necessary steps required to eventually leave the USA and return to my homeland, Australia. With Marc's constant encouragement and skill in gently nudging my comfort zone ever further, I finally returned to Australia just 4 weeks ago with just a few suitcases, a deep calm and peace that I'd made the RIGHT decision and an inner knowing that all would be OK. Within 1 week of job hunting I was offered not 1 but 2 jobs!! Amazing. Now I feel things are just falling into place, with a minimum of effort, as I remember to stay focused on Marc's usual question: "But what do you really WANT?" I've found Marc to be such an inspiration as a coach as he freely shares his own struggles and challenges along the way. His upbeat, encouraging style of communication has enabled clearer introspection as he has pushed my boundaries of comfort, to enhance the change process. Our sessions have always been uplifting and filled with a good deal of laughter as a result of Marc's sense of fun and quirky humour!! So thanks, Marc, for continuing to support and guide me during this transition stage of my journey. And I can now look forward to a future of my own conscious creation!"

C.N. Legal Secretary, Sydney, Australia

"Marc, I was so excited that I wrote my goals out last night. Things are already happening ---sooooo fast. I am Amazed and buzzing. I feel alive,Really alive, so thanks for your time and for sharing ... WOW !!!!!!! "

T.P., Massage therapist, North Arm, QLD Australia

"The last few weeks have been good considering all I’ve had to do and you were so right, Marc, about the universe answering me making some positive moves forward. It’s amazing how many things have started to take form for me and I’ve followed my gut about keeping all the balls in the air and expecting things to start to take shape. You might be interested to know that I found myself heading a catering team to cater for 800 people last Saturday …. I’m glad for it to see what I really had in me. You really have a gift for helping me change perspective."

H.G., Wurtulla, QLD Australia

"Coaching has given me a new zest for life and motivation to go after what I truly want. I have read and undertaken many self-development courses in the past but the motivation would not last and I’d be back to my old mediocre habits. Personal coaching with Marc has helped me decide what it is I truly want to pursue in life. This combined with specific techniques that Marc provided has allowed me to make substantial progress towards my goals and in particular being an expert in the field of Bushfire Planning. I am amazed at what I have achieved and completed in such a small amount of time. During my time with Marc I:

  • Finally completed my fourth degree and have been offered a place in a brand new degree in the field of Bushfire Planning by a respected Sydney University.
  • Applied for and been accepted by my peers as a member of a National Professional Institute and Special Interest Group for Bushfire Planning.
  • Have been appointed by my Local Government as Planning representative on a Local Government Committee for Bushfire Planning.
  • Have been appointed as Administration Officer for my local Rural Fire Brigade Group comprising of 10 Fire Brigades.
  • Have been acknowledged by my employer, colleagues and my industry as having expertise in Bushfire Mitigation.
  • Have substantially expanded my knowledge, resources and network in the field of Bushfire Planning.
  • Changed my diet.
  • Commenced new exercise programs and started to achieve my health goals.
  • Look and feel better.
  • Improved my financial position.
  • Learned to be more productive and effective with my time.
  • Noticed positive spin offs with my family and friends. and
  • Most importantly changed the way I think.

In two words I would sum up coaching with Marc as: Life Changing!"

A.P. Maroochy Shire Council, QLD Australia

"Marc is a very thoughtful and thought provoking coach. I highly recommend him as someone who will really get you thinking, and moving in the right direction for you."

Rochelle Dent, Business Coach for Mumpreneurs Pacific Paradise, QLD Australia

"I had made an acquaintance with Marc over the internet when he asked me a question, ‘Why does a photographer become involved in personal development’? I was only too happy to explain my interest in personal development over many years and wanting to help other people become inspired. I invited Marc along as a guest to a Kurek Ashley event to get to know him in person. I was very impressed with Marc that night. He was warm and genuine and I felt comfortable in his presence. When he offered me a consultation with him I jumped at the chance. I am going through a very challenging phase on my life’s journey where I am separating from my partner. I felt I needed some assistance with coping with this drama and my feelings of disempowerment from past hurtful relationships. Marc made me feel very comfortable and took me through an amazing session where I learned where these feelings originated, setting them free. Since then I have been on a subsequent session with Marc on another topic and have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent NLP Master. I’ll be seeing him again! "

Tracy Ryan Woolley Inspired Landscape Photographer, Mooloolaba QLD Australia

"When I first met Marc I could tell he was an exceptional person who is informative and fun to talk to. I was looking for a coach and knew he would be great. I have not been disappointed and in a short time have seen tremendous personal and professional benefits due to Marc's coaching. I recommend you give him a try! "

Michael Daehn, The Marketing Expert St. Louis, United States of America

"With a perspective that encompasses worldwide vistas Marc brings a myriad of skills to his coaching practice and each new endeavor. Working with Marc as part of a beta testing team, I observed first hand his sound judgment and keen intuition. Integrity and innovation are reflected in every facet of his work. When you’re ready to explore a new outlook on life, I highly recommend Marc as your guide."

Maria Thompson, Freelance Commercial Writer SEO Analyst, Marketing Expert; Springfield, USA

"I was at a new level in life, when all of a sudden it just plateaued. Fear, self doubt and frustration started creeping back in, but I knew I had some more moving forward to do. Then along came Marc (in the form of a flyer). With Marc’s support and understanding of my personality as he got to know me, he was able to guide me back on course. I now know how to set goals and how to successfully achieve them. I am now relieving in higher positions with my job and making new friendships with people I’m meeting through different avenues. With my new awareness of myself, I now understand why fear creeps back in and what I was really saying to myself – and believing it!!!!!! Thanks Marc. You really know your stuff and you are great to nut things out with."

Sharon Gatley, Queensland Health Maryborough QLD Australia

"Thanks so much for the session with you yesterday. Afterward I felt like I could do anything. I'm shocked by how much I have been sabotaging myself from doing what I really want to do. I'm the only one who has been stopping my progress, not the lack of opportunites or lack of skills, just me not taking that unfamiliar step forward. You asked just the right questions for me to see that for myself. It was quite confronting and even uncomfortable at times because you had me face my own truth, and there's nowhere to hide from that. This means no more excuses not to be living the life I want to live. Last night I took the plunge and spoke in front of a group of people and was so suprised by how easy it was once I started, it just flowed. The audience was engaged the whole time and even asked questions. For someone who has always been afraid of being noticed, oh my goodness, I actually enjoyed being the centre of attention! Today I had some people follow up from last night, who are interested in working with me in the future. Wow. It's amazing what can happen by taking one little step forward in the direction of your dreams. And all of this after just one session with you. You're an angel! Thank you!!!"

Julie Whitfield Gold Coast, QLD Australia